Welcome to Beyond the Bailout-A blog dedicated to uncovering financial and political corruption, sharing knowledge on the financial crisis/the bailout/current economy, responding to financial regulation & reform and eventually create financial solutions for Americans.

Background on Me: I am a supporter of Occupy Wall Street, a member of Occupy the SEC (www.occupythesec.org), a participant in the Alternative Banking Working Group, a member of The Occupy Bank Working Group, and a community organizer spreading the word about alternative financial institutions in particular-Credit Unions.

I believe, the financial system would like the American public to remain ignorant to the power and control it has over us. Also, I think it is time to understand what role the financial system plays in our daily lives and how to make informed decisions to change the way it functions to work for us. There are many ways to engage with the financial and political system and hopefully this blog will inspire people to start.

Please send me questions, concerns, information to support and build this blog.

Thank You.

Elizabeth K. Friedrich